Welcome to our first community blog of 2024 and if you’re new around here, welcome to the wonderful world of Nivalis! It’s great to have you here as part of this incredible community. We have such an exciting journey ahead of us and we’re grateful you’re on board!

Once a month, we’re going to take a moment to stop and give you a sneaky peek into what you can expect from our cyberpunk city, as well as addressing some of your burning questions. We have so much to show and tell over the coming months and we can’t wait to share more info with you all.

Let’s get started with our first community update of the year.


For all the virtual photographers out there, we’re thrilled to give you a glimpse into photo mode for Nivalis. Virtual photography has boomed in popularity over the last few years and in a world like Nivalis, we just had to include it! But what can you expect?

Virtual photographers will get to enjoy a huge variety of options in Nivalis, typical of those features you’d expect when using a real life camera. Options will include the ability to change focus distance, aperture, focal length, field of view and so much more! In addition, you’ll also get to experiment with a wide range of creative filters and image modification settings. With so many tools at your disposal, you’re going to have a great time capturing the futuristic and vibrant world of Nivalis through your virtual viewfinder. We can’t wait to see your captures!

Take a look at some WIP screens from in-game below.





As part of our monthly blogs, we want to take some time to answer some community FAQs.

Got any questions for the team? Leave them here in the comments or message us across any of our social channels and we’ll do our best to cover as many as we can in our next blog.

What engine does Nivalis use?

Nivalis uses Unity which was also used for Cloudpunk. However, we’ve made various improvements during the development, so you’ll get to enjoy Nivalis at a much higher level of detail!

Can I own more than one apartment in Nivalis and if so, can they be customized?

Yes, you can own multiple apartments in different areas of the city and customize them as you like. Some of them will also have an amazing view over the Nivalis skyline!

Will there be Mac OS support?

Unfortunately Mac isn’t in our current plans. Our focus is on delivering a strong experience for PC players on Steam.

Will there be voice acting? Or is it a text game where you need to read?

Yes, we will have over 100 interactable characters in Nivalis including voice over. Thanks to the voice actors and the mocap session we did last year, Nivalis’ residents will feel very realistic. More on this in the near future!

Will there be a demo for Nivalis before release?

We have not made a final decision on a demo yet.

Will there be mod support?

Right now, there are no plans to bring mod support to Nivalis.

Can I wishlist Nivalis?

Yes you can! More info can be found here:

Steam: https://505.games/NivalisSteam

Epic Games: https://505.games/NivalisEpicGames


Let’s wrap up today’s community blog by saying a huge thank you to everyone that has supported Nivalis so far. The teams at ION LANDS and 505 Games are continuing to work incredibly hard behind the scenes and we can’t wait to share more info with you, when the time is right.


Antonela Pounder, Director of Global Community @ 505 Games