Citizens, we have some news to share.

Nivalis, the Cyberpunk slice-of-life sim will be coming to PC in 2024. Additionally, check out the BRAND-NEW Nivalis Trailer, NOW! 

Nivalis | Official Trailer 

Today, we’re here to present, your invitation…  Come to your apartment and smell the noodle stands as you decorate and make it your own. Start from the bottom and work your way up to owning the only club that everyone talks about. Soak up the atmosphere, find love, and live the life you’ve only dreamt about.  …oh, and the reported mysterious criminal? Yeah, don’t worry about them!   

In case you missed it, check out how we’re bringing Nivalis to life with our mocap session; 

Nivalis | Behind the Scenes  Nivalis, the slice of life cyberpunk sim will be available in 2024.    🔔

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