Citizens, want to get a sneak peek at what’s happening in Nivalis?

Recently, Marko, Creative Director at ION LANDS, took us on a tour behind the scenes of the motion capture production on Nivalis and we wanted to share this with you!  

Nivalis | Behind the Scenes – Guerrilla Collective 

 In the video we join Marko, alongside the actors Christel Wallois and Florian Hutter at Mocaplab in Paris as they record all the animations needed for the characters you will love.  

At the beating heart of Nivalis are the citizens and using Christel and Florian allowed for their stories to be brought to life in the best way possible. From moving around in the city, to talking, fishing, waiting tables and even interacting with food. All these little subtle references make for a believably rich world, one that we think you’ll get lost in. 

As you can see, characters play a vital role in the game, and we cannot wait for you to meet all of them in Nivalis and learn more about their lives. 

We want to thank our friends at the Guerrilla Collective for allowing us to showcase this with the world.  

Stay tuned, as we have ONE MORE THING to share with you.  


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